Honda Accord AC Car Rental Services in Bangalore

The Honda Accord has been styled to attract more than just a passing glance. Its sharp lines and powerful stance excite the senses from any angle.

Look closely. The Honda Accord's form is a study in modern design. The 2011 Honda Accord sports a new grille, front bumper and trunk-lid design. And restyled 17-inch alloy wheels. With a large and luxurious interior, the Honda Accord Sedan provides the comfort you deserve. In the Honda Accord's case, bigger is better. It means more comfort and more room for those Honda details, like available

Honda Accord AC Car Rental Services in Bangalore "Cab Hire"

The Honda Accord has a well-earned reputation because of Honda safety technology." Honda's Safety Philosophy Honda is committed to providing safety for everyone-that means crash protection not only for our own drivers and passengers, but also for the occupants of other vehicles, and injury mitigation for pedestrians. We are dedicated to identifying and implementing advanced designs and features that help enhance the safety of vehicles on the road For three decades, Honda has played a leading role in meeting environmental challenges. Environmentally Conscious The 2011 Honda Accord Sedan is a fuel-efficient[1] automotive wonder. 4-cylinder models with automatic transmission get an estimated 34 highway mpg[1]. V-6 models get an estimated 30 highway mpg - all of which means the new Honda Accord is even more fuel efficient than last year[1]. And as an added bonus, all Honda Accord models run on regular unleaded gasoline.

Best Residual ValueEver since the very first Honda Accord was introduced in 1976, quality Honda engineering has made it one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. This high level of craftsmanship results in a high residual value, as well. In fact, the 2010 Honda Accord was honored with the "Best Residual Value Award for the Midsize Segment" from ALG and the "Best Resale Value Award" for the Midsize Segment from Kelley Blue Book's We take great pride knowing that the Honda Accord is such an excellent value today, and will be for years to come. Arrive unchallenged with the captivating presence of Honda Honda Accord 2007- a luxury sedan car with charismatic looks, energetic performance and unmatched comfort features.

The all new Honda Accord highlights fresh rear looks, stylish front grill, leather upholstery, parking sensor, vehicle stability assist and above all the optimum power output of 140 horse power. Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.(HSCI), a well recognized name in the Automobile world, has launched the 7th generation Honda Honda Accord. With its inspiring luxury, superior performance and eye-catching design, the 2007 Honda Honda Accord has redefined the meaning of luxury sedans in 'D' segments. Honda Honda Accords comes with wide and well cushioned seats with power adjuster, tilt power steering, exceptionally spacious leg room, highly efficient air-conditioning system and the high-end music system with six CD changer & six speakers that will simply enhance your driving comfort.

Honda Accord AC Cab Hire in Cab Hire Bangalore offers the experienced and polite chauffeurs in cars. Their fleet of cars includes a variety of cars to suit different purposes and pockets..

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